How to Recover Deleted or Lost Videos on LG G6?

“I have a LG G6 and I accidentally deleted some videos that I need. I’ve tried multiple apps but none seem to work or the require my phone to be rooted. Is their an easier way?”

LG G6 is a stylish and durable phone with a trendy glass body and a metal frame. It features a high level of water and dust protection – a first for a globally available LG phone – and the body has been designed to withstand more than a few encounters with the floor. But what’s more obvious is the fact that nearly all of the phone’s front is occupied by a 5.7-inch display with a 18:9 aspect ratio, the goal being to create a big-screen phone that’s usable with one hand. Other notable features include the dual camera setup at the back, with a standard 13MP shooter acompanied by a wide-angle camera using the same image sensor.

LG G6 users have encountered a lot of data loss, the videos is lost, accidentally deleted contacts, SMS is lost, the loss of a variety of important data, and many times they are in the online search solution, most users do not have time to find the right approach, and therefore they do not know that there is no distress may recover the lost videos from LG G6, in fact, when you encounter data loss or accidental deletion, do not worry too much, those videos are still missing LG G6, but we do not see, some professional recovery tool can restore accidentally deleted videos. Here’s a practical recovery tool.

UFUSoft Fonelab for Android is a powerful LG G6 data recovery tool, which allow you to Restore deleted/lost videos from Google, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei and others. LG G6 with a few simple steps, in addition, you can also recover other data, like contacts, photos, music, notes and videos, and you not only can get back deleted Data on LG G6, but also Recover Data from HTC, Google, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei and others.

Download LG G6 Data Recovery for Windows:

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Download LG G6 Data Recovery for Mac:

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Steps to Recover Deleted Videos on LG G6

Step 1: Connect LG G6 to computer

Connect LG G6 to PC with a USB cable. Wait seconds and this program will detect your LG G6 phone automatically.

Android Data Recovery

Step 2. Allow USB debugging on your LG G6

Android Data Recovery will detect your Android version and tell you the steps to allow USB debugging on your LG G6 (see how to open USB debugging mode). After that, click “OK” on your LG G6.

enable USB debugging

Step 3. Choose videos to scan

Choose files types you want to retrieve before scanning the device. By doing this, the scan and recovery process will save you much time. If you just want to recover deleted videos from LG G6, you just need to check Videos. If you want to recover more, check the file types you want to retrieve and click Next.

Choose file

Step 3. Scan and recover

The Android video recovery tool will take seconds to scan all the videos on your LG G6, including the deleted ones. After the scanning, you can view all the videos. The deleted ones are marked in red, or you can turn the “Only display the deleted item(s)” button on. Check the videos you need and click Recover button, soon you’ll get the deleted videos on your PC.

recover android data

Now you have recovered deleted videos on LG G6 successfully.

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